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Stakeholder Day 2023 | Gerdau

Stock Market: talk with Gerdau

National Steel Day – 2021

Present in the life of all Brazilians, on the most diverse occasions, steel represents strength, creativity, renewal and resistance. With it we established our roots, and for 120 years we have shared these qualities in the development of our organization. The strength of our steel is not only in its structure, but also in the relationships we have with our stakeholders and the social and economic impact we generate for the country. On this National Steel Day, we are very proud to be able to be part of this industry that is inclusive, innovative and seeks sustainable development. We continue to shape the future together.

50 years of operations | Comercial Gerdau

Today, we celebrate 50 years of operations at Comercial Gerdau! Our dream of creating our own distribution company is rooted in Brazil, where we have 75 physical stores. We are very proud to celebrate 5 decades of operations, knowing that our products are contributing to fulfilling dreams. Our history was built on our commitment to the quality of Gerdau steel and a relationship of partnership and trust with our customers. May we continue working together, so we can offer the best steel solutions for your home and business. At Comercial Gerdau, we make you feel at home.

Gerdau | 120 years of operations | Our History

Gerdau’s history goes beyond steel and involves acceptance, achievements, growth and, most importantly, people. People that made a difference on our Company’s history. People who believe and support our mission from the beginning, helping us determine our future every day. With 120 years of operations, Gerdau’s history is also combined with yours. For this reason, we would like to invite you to learn more about this big family tree. More than looking to the past and celebrating this special date, we want to reaffirm our commitment to the future. May we continue to expand, thrive and produce results that will serve our purpose and shape the future we want.

Gerdau | 120 years of operations | Sign language version

Be part of Ventures Gerdau!

Don’t miss this chance! Your start-up company can be part of Ventures Gerdau, our new business accelerator! We are looking for solutions to improve efficiency and productivity in the civil construction industry, contributing to safety and sustainability.

Gerdau | Helda Gerdau Program

To reaffirm our commitment to the Women’s Empowerment Principles of UN Women, this week we launched the Helda Gerdau Program. Aimed at accelerating the readiness of female leaders, the Program was inspired by the story of Helda Gerdau, who was Gerdau Johannpeter’s family matriarch and who played a major role in our Company’s development. This initiative focuses on women who already hold leadership positions and wish to accelerate their careers at our Company. During one year, the female participants who have already been selected will receive capacity building on our business and will be mentored by our senior management. We believe that this initiative will help us create a more inclusive environment with gender equity, preparing our company and society so we can build a fairer and more egalitarian world. Watch the video and learn more!

Interview with the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)

Harley Scardoelli, our CFO, gave the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) an interview and spoke about the impacts of the pandemic on our company, the measures taken to support society in the fight against COVID-19 and the importance of the ESG strategy at Gerdau. The meeting was part of the #NYSEFloorTalk series, which features interviews about the main companies listed in the U.S. stock exchange.

Gerdau presents: Similarities – The story of Wedney Espedito

Our future is shaped by people. For this reason, we believe in a more collaborative, diverse and inclusive world, which respects, values and empowers them. Know the story of Wedney Espedito, a disabled person, who was long denied an opportunity in the job market. Until he started working at our company.

Covid-19 Treatment Center: Municipal Hospital M’Boi Mirim

In only 33 days, 100 beds of the COVID-19 Care Center attached to the M’Boi Mirim Municipal Hospital, located in the south side of the city of São Paulo, one of the regions with the lowest availability of COVID-19 beds in the capital city of São Paulo, are ready to serve the population. We partnered with Ambev, Hospital Albert Einstein and the São Paulo Municipal Government to build not only a hospital unit but a collaboration network in favor of life. When the pandemic is over, the Care Center will be left as a legacy to the population of the city of São Paulo. It represents a milestone in the history of Brazil, reinventing the civil construction sector. At Gerdau, we are very proud of this initiative and would like to thank and congratulate all our employees and partners for helping this project become a reality. Learn more about our other initiatives to fight COVID-19:

Customer Day at Comercial Gerdau

On September 15, we celebrate those who represent the reason why we exist – our customers. In 2020, to celebrate the Customer Day, we produced this video to honor the customers of Comercial Gerdau, Gerdau’s own distribution company. It has 75 units across Brazil and values partnerships with all customers, being as true as steel.