Dividend Reivestment Plan


DRIP is a program that allows Gerdau DR holders to reinvest dividends to purchase additional ADRs in the company. It is easy and an effective way to maximize your investments. Through dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP), you can buy ADRs directly from the issuing company, potentially reducing your cost of investing.

Getting more from your investment through a dividend reinvestment plan

  • Automatically reinvest your dividends;
  • Decide to reinvest only a portion of your dividend, receiving cash for the remaining part;
  • Make voluntary cash investments to purchase additional ADRs, paying little or no brokerage commission/fees;
  • Increase your stock holdings;
  • Generate additional dividend income with your increased stock holdings;
  • Receive a comprehensive statement after each transaction;
  • Search through a list of direct ADR purchase plans and dividend reinvestment plans using InvestDirect Search.

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