Board of Directors

Guilherme Chagas Gerdau Johannpeter Chairman
André Bier Gerdau Johannpeter Vice President
Cláudio Johannpeter Vice President
Gustavo Werneck da Cunha Member
Augusto Braúna Pinheiro Independent Member
Claudia Sender Ramirez Independent Member
Alberto Fernandes Independent Member

Audit Committee

Bolívar Charneski Effectives
Tarcísio Beuren Effectives
Aramis Sá de Andrade Effectives
João Odair Brunozi Substitutes
Herculano Aníbal Alves Substitutes
Maelcio Mauricio Soares Substitutes

Executive Officers

Gustavo Werneck da Cunha CEO
Rafael Dorneles Japur Vice President
Marcos Eduardo Faraco Wahrhaftig Vice President
Rubens Fernandes Pereira Vice President
Cesar Obino da Rosa Peres Director
Fábio Eduardo de Pieri Spina Director
Hermenio Pinto Gonçalves Director
Mauro de Paula Director
Wendel Gomes da Silva Director

The information about the responsibilities of the boards and committees of Gerdau S.A., as well as the resumes of its components are available in the Form 20-F.

Last update: January 23, 2023